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Hotel Management

Hotel Management
1 Year
Course Fee
98,000 Rs


The course aims at developing competent professionals equipped with practical skills and techniques for top-class Management of tourism and Hospitality services. The diploma enables the students to become versatile in various sectors of the Tourism and Hotel industry. In this course, we will provide the students with a solid foundation on the various aspects of hotel and resort management from front to back office. Beyond learning the operational functions of key hospitality divisions such as rooms, front office, and food services, students will also take modules on sales and marketing, events and convention management, and human resource management, among others. Students will be trained not only for entry-level positions but supervisorial and managerial roles as well.


The hospitality sector is growing at an incredible rate. Hotels open up every day around the planet, and millions of people worldwide are employed in the industry. If you can gain the skills necessary for this work, you can start a successful career anywhere you wish. This Hotel management course will give you all the essential knowledge and details, from front office management to food handling policies, to get you started on your hospitality career.