Our Vision

To hone and develop the natural edge of the country in the tourism and hospitality industry not only for international employment, but to also improve the overall competitiveness of Pakistan’s tourism and hotel industry and we aim to provide the local industry with a reliable supply of top-notch hospitality staff while many of them are being lured to go abroad.

our mission

Even before tourism and hotel industry was recognized sunrise industry FITHM has always been known for their innate hospitality which landed them various tourism and hospitality jobs over the world, so we’re here to develop professionals for tourism and hospitality industry of the country to cater the needs of national as well as international community.


About Us

  1. We are pioneer in tourism and hospitality industry institutions At Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Working since 2000.
  2. We ensure that our students will meet the criteria for internship in 5 star hotels within few months. 100% guarantee for internship and 95% chances of Job placement with our Diploma/Certificate.
  3. Highly Qualified and trained faculty for all Courses.
  4. 95% of our Students are highly satisfied for studying With  FITHM.
  5. Having international standard academic and training/learning resource including curriculum, books and research paper.


Federal Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (FITHM) was Established in 2005 by Dr Muhammad Usman Baloch. Since then thousands of students have graduated and established promising careers in respective fields.
FITHM is committed to equipping tomorrow’s professionals with the leadership and entrepreneurial skills highly sought after in the hospitality industry and beyond.
FITHM offers certificate and Diploma courses in Hotel Management, Tourism Management along with Chef and Cooking, and Culinary Arts.
Our Aim is to equip our students with practical skills and industry recognized work experience, that allows FITHM students to tailor their education and open doors to a wide variety of exciting career options around the world and succeed in Modern Hospitality Industry.