Culinary Arts deal with the science and the art of cooking; preparation of the food, and presentation of food are also included. Those who specialize in Culinary Arts, work in restaurants and are called chefs or cooks. Many different aspects of food are studied by the students who pursue culinary arts. The course in Culinary arts can be pursued in many countries worldwide. Beverage management, kitchen management, and table manners also come under culinary arts studies.

  • Culinary Art is a dynamic and rapidly growing industry that offers a wide range of opportunities for diverse profiles. Within the country, the industry has been estimated to double in its size in the coming decade. Culinary artists have employment opportunities in Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Resorts, Bistros, and Bakeries. The field gives the liberty to explore the food industry as determined professionals and passionate freelancers as well.
    Culinary Artists can explore a spectrum of profiles:

    • Chefs
    • Cooks
    • Food and Beverage Controller
    • Restaurant Consultants and Designers
    • Food Stylists
    • Food Critics
    • Food Bloggers
    • Commercial Food Manufacturers
    • Food Inspectors
    • Professional Instructors
    • Catering Managers

Successful qualification of the level 10 (Matric) of education in any stream, from a recognized educational

    • You can apply for admission to this course online or by visiting our admission office.

2 attested copies of all

        1. Degree Certificate
          2. DMC
          3. CNIC/Form B
          4. Domicile
          5. Three Fresh photograph (white background)

    Different topics taught under this program are kitchen management, Creation & preparation of recipes,
    Create menus, Plan event menus, Comply with food and kitchen regulations, Maintain budget.
    After Diploma in Chef & Cooking, students can work as Chef, Research Chef, Restaurant Manager, Food and
    Beverage manager, Industry Instructor, bartender or server etc

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